Bless me, Father, for I am cat

Usually when I’m taken out for a ride in my carrier, the destination is a sterile room with white walls. Then someone wearing a rubber glove sticks a finger in my poop-chute. Grrr!

Once a year, though, my owners take me for a special ride. We go where there are other animals with their owners. There’s hay on the ground and not a rubber glove in sight. Instead, a nice man dressed in a brown bag dips his fingers in some special water, then pets me gently while saying a prayer. Purrr …

I wanted to drink some of the special water, but no one would let me. Meow?

I hear the nice man is a Catholic priest of the Franciscan order. The Franciscans follow in the footsteps of a man named St. Francis, who lived 800 years ago. St. Francis loved animals like me. He is often depicted with a bird resting on his shoulder.

I too like birds. They are tasty. Mmm …

Feast of St. Francis

Today is the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of pets. Purrr. It’s the one day every year I know my master’s husband is praying for me.

Me, being blessed by a nice Franciscan priest last year. Purrr. My master's husband estimated I had a five-percent chance of bursting into flames when the holy water touched me. I didn't. Grrr!

My master prays for me every day, naturally. Meow.

Happy birthday!

I’m wishing a happy birthday to my master. Meow!

As my birthday gift to her, I’ve created this blog. Her husband helped with some of the technical details that I don’t understand, being a cat and all. He worked hard all week on this, so I hope she gives him some of the credit. Grrr!

I’d like to draw your attention to some of the details. The background image for the blog is not random. It was created by taking a picture of me, cropping a section of my fur, stretching it out really big, and applying some sort of blurring algorithm to it. It was my idea. Purrr.

Also, you’ll notice all the links are an orange-brown color, just like my fur. That’s because we took the same background image, averaged the colors across the image, and created a theme with the links having that color. Meow!

With those details, this blog is really a reflection of me. Which is great. Since I am so pretty.

To help get the word out about this blog, I’ve created accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I’ll give my master the passwords soon.

I hope you enjoy this blog. There are many pictures of me. Like I said, I am pretty. Purrr!